3 Crowdfunding Trends to Watch in 2017

Last year was another great year in crowdfunding, both in the marketplace and for Blak Box Group, with millions of dollars raised for our clients. Below are three trends we believe will be big in 2017.

1. Value-Based Investing

One of the most interesting and underreported trends in crowdfunding is the rise of equity crowdfunding, where individuals get a share of the company instead of, say, a T-shirt or a preorder of the product. By allowing individuals the chance to invest in early-stage companies (as opposed to only giant companies that trade on the stock market), investors can better align their personal values with their financial goals.
BBG recommends: Fireman’s Brew, an established beer and beverage company that donates a portion of profits to support the families of fallen firefighters.

2. Smart Technology

From wearables to home appliances, more and more items are being “plugged in”. Whether you want voice-activated light bulbs, wireless headphones that learn what kind of music you like, or a smart home thermostat, 2017 will have you covered.
BBG recommends: Sound Oasis’s illumya smart sleep mask that uses light and sound to help you fall asleep faster and wake refreshed.

3. Personal Transport

The “last mile” problem in transportation describes the difficulty of getting people from a transportation hub to their final destination. The last few years have introduced solutions including bicycle sharing programs, motorized luggage, and hoverboards, but there’s plenty of room left for innovation.
BBG recommends: Immotor GOa hyper-intelligent, completely collapsible personal scooter.

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