Jane Charles: Changing the World, One Film at a Time (Part 1)

With 20+ years in the film industry, producer Jane Charles has seen her share of projects come and go. “It’s a miracle when a feature film actually gets made,” she says. She got her start in the film industry producing on-set behind-the-scenes interviews, and worked her way to becoming an executive producer and then an impact producer, making cause-based films that educate and enlighten.

Starting from a young age, Charles had a passionate sense of justice and social responsibility. In a way it was inevitable that eventually she would end up here, combining activism and filmmaking into the perfect partnership, where the power of storytelling is used to shift awareness and bring about change.

Charles’s most recent film, SOLD, tells the story of a young girl from a village in Nepal who is trafficked to a brothel in India. SOLD is based on the novel by Patricia McCormick, which left a lasting impression on her. “When I read the novel, SOLD, I knew that I would do whatever it took to bring light to the dark world of child trafficking,” she says. “Making this film has changed my life in so many ways, and distributing the film is just the beginning of our awareness and advocacy work to help prevent trafficking through education and to help heal and vocationally train survivors of trafficking.”

sold_2014_movie_posterFilmed in Nepal and India, the movie shows the brutality of child trafficking with an unflinching eye. Charles worked with the Blak Box team to raise money for its release. “Sam [Blan, CEO of Blak Box] always works with great people, and he assembled a top notch team who we called on for many aspects of the campaign from copywriting to graphics to ads,” Charles says. “Our Indiegogo was wildly successful, surpassing our goal within the first few days and making $115,000 that paid for part of our theatrical release.”

SOLD screened at numerous film festivals, winning awards including “Best Narrative Feature” at AFME and the audience award at LIFF in London. The success of the film fed into the partnerships Charles and her team had formed to fight child trafficking. “Organizations like Childreach International, Hope House and Stolen Youth have raised over $3.5 million to support anti-trafficking efforts from education through providing shelter and changing laws,” Charles says. “Seeing the passion and energy that people have to find solutions once they know about child trafficking is so encouraging.”

Read more about SOLD here: www.soldthemovie.com
See how you can fight child trafficking in your area: http://www.soldthemovie.com/circle-of-change/
Request a screening of SOLD: http://www.soldthemovie.com/request-a-screening/

Stay tuned for part two of this profile for more information on Jane Charles’s projects and her insights about the biggest challenges facing the world today!


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