“Crowdfunding is co-creation”

Looking for a good primer on equity crowdfunding? Blak Box team members Adam Goyer and Mara Schmid have a new post on Medium called Crowdfunding 2.0: Why It Just Might Change the World. One of our favorite quotes:

At its heart, crowdfunding is co-creation. Someone with a great idea presents it to the crowd and asks if they will help make it possible. This is a beautiful and powerful process, one that may hold many solutions to the problems of our modern world. We’ve seen hints of this potential in the best Kickstarter campaigns, where some products have been wildly embraced by the public that couldn’t get a hint of interest from traditional angel investors. We’ve seen hints of it on GoFundMe, where people facing difficult times have seen their communities come together to help out. Equity crowdfunding may be just the next great iteration.


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