The Game Has Changed

Great news! As of May 16, 2016, a change to investment law—Title III or Reg CF, for “Regulation Crowdfunding”—means that the process of investing in new companies has become dramatically more democratic. This transition will likely change the landscape of startups in the United States permanently and for the better.

What’s different?
Before today, early-stage startups and businesses would usually raise funds from wealthy individuals (called “accredited investors”) or institutions. With the changes implemented under Title III, they can now raise up to $1 million directly from individuals at any income level—including you and me.

How will this change things?
Entrepreneurs can now raise money in exchange for equity directly from ANYONE who believes in their vision—not just those with a higher level of wealth and pre-established connection. For individuals like you and me, this means we can now invest money in projects we’d like to see come to life, in exchange for equity in the project. In the same way that Kickstarter has allowed the public to decide what products and projects we’d like to see exist, this will allow us to take part in bringing to life companies doing work we believe in.

Blak Box is committed to the concept of finding, nurturing, and growing amazing companies with amazing ideas—the kind of ideas that will shape the future and build a better world. With Title III, we are able to bring entrepreneurs a new way to fund their companies and projects, and we are able to bring innovative and high-potential investment opportunities to individuals willing to invest anything from $100 to, well, sky’s the limit!

Looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!


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