Crowdfunding & What Is On The Horizon

Crowdfunding. By now, you may have heard of it, or you may know about it at a very basic level. But what it is it? Rewards. Equity. Reg A+. Title III. Influencers. Analytics. Social Media. Public Relations. There are so many moving parts that it can easily make someone’s head spin. Yet, we here at Blak Box are here to help you make sense of it all.

We are a solutions-oriented company, which is exactly why Crowdfunding came into fruition. People have ideas. Some great, and some that, well… they need a little love. Our drive to make things better is intrinsic to human nature. Tinker. Rework. Rebuild. Better. Faster. Is it any wonder that we would want to provide a runway for these ideas to see the light?

The digital age has broken down the proverbial wall between the dreamers and those that hold the keys to that dream. No matter what your idea is, you can take it to the crowd, and in some form or another, it is the crowd that will decide your fate. Are you a disruptor? Are you an inventor? The World has always been filled with them, and we want to be the doorway for all the best the World has to offer.

In the next few months, we will be working on a number initiatives, the most important of which are listed below:

1) Strategic partnerships beyond those of the “traditional” platform space. Honing in on the Hybrid model, allowing creators to come online anywhere in the Crowdfund spectrum.

2) An equity arm, which is growing, and will soon be SEC compliant. This will allow us to help you find investors in what we call “symbiotic capital.”

3) The first ever live podcast, entitled “TheCoolerCrowd” which will launch in the next month where Blak Box Group will sponsor an equity, industry specific segment.
Title III of the Jobs Act will come into effect in May, which is arguably the biggest change in the history of investment because it will allow unaccredited investors to hop on board the next big thing.

At Blak Box, our motto is “Thinking From The inside out.” It is from within that we know what we are called to do. Will you join us on this journey?


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